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Traffic Lights - (embed)


Here is a "making-of", low poly the final asset has a bevel and level-2 subdivision added on top. 

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Texturing - Fingerprints & Imperfections

Hey all, here are a few simple setups and texturing tricks. Let me break it down for the result below.

The default scene setup and render in vectary will give you a result similar to this image:

  • low poly asset from the library
  • default studio HDR
  • no camera effects
  • preview (draft) render

This is pretty quick and sometimes enough for some visual styles.
Here is a result rendered with Vectary Photon, see the details in shadows and reflections around the feets of the golden puppy.

For more details I usually "bevel" low-poly assets or add 1-2 extra levels of subdivision to them.

  • bevel on the rocks
  • sub-d on the puppy
  • changed the HDR to "Skate Park" rotated 265 deg
  • added some post production effects (vignette, color grading, contrast)

Sometimes even a backdrop like this concrete floor makes a huge difference in the combination with a nice environment hdr.

final touches:
  • camera depth of field (10; in this case and focus on puppy's neck)
  • upload fingerprint texture on roughness channel, intensity 34 (20-50) 
  • puppy and rocks get the same normal map with imperfections (intensity 25 and 125 on the rocks)

Here is my favorite "fingerprint texture" for roughness and imperfection texture normal map (I used 4K, but I would recommend to find a smaller one or downscale it for faster loading times).

23.3 MB

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💡Workflow idea - Low Poly Landscaping with "noise"

  1. Simple Plane
  2. add Segments + bake
  3. Triangulate
  4. Noise
  5. Extrude
  6. Smoothing threshold =0 ... done

For a Facebook 3D post use this depth map - image_depth.png
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💡Workflow idea - Make Some Noise

The minimum rotation speed seems to be 1rpm, but when I manually override it to turntable=0.25 I'll get the slo-mo I was looking for.

👀 Feedback needed - AZ-5 Calm Panic

Found a lot of useful 3D assets in the Vectary library.
To achieve this isometric styling I had to switch my camera into orthographic mode.

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FB 3D Post - Floating Islands environmental infographics

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