Steven Mancera

UX Designer

Die-line Box Packaging? Is it possible on Vectary?


I need to do 2 things with my Packaging Project.
• Create and cut a die line on my Graphics image I have here.
• Bend that die line so I can make a box, that is a 3D mockup geometric model.

Kind of like this.

Is this currently possible on Vectary?
Can Bend tool do this? I tried but Bending but it's not accurate enough.

• As the Bending dimension is off to the Gimbal controls, hence it's XY positions aren't aligned to what it should be.
• It only folds halfway, no matter the length of the Geometry.
• The edges gets stretched out and tapers like a Bevel.
• Its only constrained along the angles of the Bending semi circle controls.

Any other way to do this on Vectary?
What about "welding" two box shapes or Boolean shapes.

• But I'm afraid folding those would be much cumbersome as you're not really bending them, you're just stacking and placing shapes together.
• And it'll not work on inside triangular folds like this

I've searched through YouTube and it seems Blender is the only way to do this (please check and skim through video to know what I'm talking about)

But Blender is too complex to use and I've mostly stayed away on using that complex, open source program, to something more approachable and straightforward to use like Vectary.

Any suggestions, tips or advices how to achieve this is appreciated.

Does Vectary officially supports Apple M1 chip?

Hi there, can anyone confirm to me if Vectary runs natively and smoothly with M1?

No Rosetta emulation? Or anything?

Another thing, is the Vectary Photon assistant renderer app for macOS, universal binary app or optimized natively for M1?

Or still x64 compiled and runs emulated with Rosetta 2?

I just wanna ask official confirmation about this from the dev team, so I can add your design tool app on