Shadow Catcher? new UI layout

Just wondering how to do a shadow catcher in the new layout?
I thought there was a button for this in the older layout?

"Project Failed to Load" network request failed

I'm trying to open several of my projects in Vectary, but I keep getting this error message when trying to open:

Project Failed To Load
Network Request Failed

any ideas? these opened just fine last week?

separate files for "Groups" within the browser

It would be great if Vectary had an export option that would save out a separate USDZ file for each of the "Group Folders" in the browser... instead of only saving out a single file?

Example: Lets say I have a product made up of 3 sub assemblies, I import the .obj and all the individual parts come in... I then group those parts into 3 folders, each folder representing a sub assembly. My reason for doing this is because I want to export 3 separate USDZ files so that I can add them to a Motion project and animate them interacting with each other.

Currently there is no way to do this other than to have 3 separate projects, each only containing the parts specific to the above mentioned sub assemblies.

This of course poses problems because instead of working in the top level product assembly, you are only working with a portion of the parts and thus you can't see/understand their position and scaling to the other parts around them.

Why is Vectary scaling my USDZ on export

I have 6 separate USDZ's that we are exporting and then combining in Apple Motion, 4 of the 6 exported each with the same zero origin, however 2 of the 6 seem to be exporting and seem to be being scaled during export, because as we add them into the Motion scene, they are coming in roughly 4X larger than they should be.

To double check I exported obj's of the same object and opened in C4D... they opened fine and at the correct scale. Why would Vectary scale something without being asked/told and if it is scaling,.. by how much?

(Edit) The only thing I can think of is that Vectary is scaling up objects of a certain size on export which it thinks is to small... I have no idea if this is correct, can anyone confirm?