Highlighting object using highlightMeshesByName highlights the parent group fully - Not desired behavior

I have objects which I need to highlight on mouse hover. But instead the object's parent (group name) is getting highlighted. 

This is a highly undesirable behavior. If someone could let me know the proper application for the highlightMeshesByName method?

Issue with WebAR

Hello All,

I am getting error with one of my WebAR experience. I am getting WebGL error only for one such experience.

WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: useProgram: program not valid

Any leads?

Image target for AR along with WebAR

I have been using Vectary for over a year now and I feel it is great & a much simplified version of the other tools available in Market. 

One thing which lacks in vectary is Image Target based AR. It would really set it apart from competetiors if they add such feature. 

I have been getting more & more requests from Client to do a simple Image Target based AR solutions. It would be good if Vectary start thinking on those lines or else we would have no other option but to move to other SASS in market 😟.