Firewing The Wyvern

professional idiot
hi i suck

texture paint mode and multiple materials on same object

it would be helpful to make textures on vectary and have multiple materials on the same object

A dragon named Aviary

Aviary lives in the desert city of Solis. He is protective, loving, and loyal. 

Aviary is a character from a book i'm writing. I'm really proud of this model (even though it has issues) 

Golden Jackal (Canis aureus)

Canis aureus is a species of wolf-like canid native to Europe and Asia. Smaller than the smallest subspecies of wolf, the golden jackal hunts animals such as deer, turkeys, and sheep. These animals have known to be domesticated and can crossbreed with dogs and wolves.


3d pixel art

this is meant to be a 3d printable figure, and i created it by 'tracing' a pixel art a friend made for a game we're both working on and going layer by layer to make it have depth.
i don't know how to make an object have multiple materials (because i'm stupid and dumb) yet, or even if you can, so i guess it's all teal for now.
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